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1.Character name

Tell us a little about yourself
My name is Carl, I am 21 years old from Sweden. During the days I study computer science at university of Dalarna. My spare time goes to computer games such as World of Warcraft, I also play counter strike and starcraft2. I play on an amateur floorball team whit some friends from school it’s great fun.


3.Total time/played on this character
150 Days
Time played on 90
10 days

4.Where do you live
Born and raised in Uppsala Sweden but moved to Borlänge for university and been living here for one and a half year. The time here is the same time as the ingame time

5.Do you have teamspeak and headset whit a mic and are able to talk
Yes I have teamspeak and a pink headset whit a working mic. Im able to talk its harde to make me stop talk then make me to talk.

6.What is your previous raiding experience

In Classic I played the Shattered hand server, I was around 14 years old and raided in a hardcore casual guild. In that guild I got to experience my first raiding content. I did raid everything between ZG up to AQ 40. (My first warlock’s name was Wurlocka. Cute name hu?)

I made a server change during burning crusade to the server to The Maelstrom, where I had my most hardcore period of the game. I did kill every boss during TBC I even got to tank illidan in his 4th phase where he turns into a deamon for 60 sec. There were a lot of hackers that stole accounts and sold them on different site. I got victim of one of those hackers who stole my account and god know what he did to my warlock but it was not there when I got my account back an blizzard could not restore her. So I did quit for a while until WOTLK hit. 

Some of my friends got me back in the game and i did level a new warlock up to 60 when I decided to start to play a DK and which I did during the first raiding tire of WOTLK. Did clear naxx.  I did keep playing until patch 3.1.0 (ulduar). I took another break from the game till mid patch 3.2.0 (Call of the crusader patch) and I decided to level up my warlock. But I did not get back into raiding that expansion.

This expansion starts like the others whit a server change to Haomarush but had I hard time to find a guild that I enjoyed to play whit until a find a home called Prophetia Nocturna, they were recruiting a warlock for upcoming patch Firelands. Whit them I cleared Firelands and dragon soul.at the end of cata the guild decided to move to Frostmane because Haomarush was dead and we started the guild noxious.

Panda land
I was planning to raid whit my priest as a shadow during this expansion but it didn’t happened. I started to play some pvp and I have been doing so during this expansion.When ToT hit the live server I felt like I wanted to get back into raiding but noxious did not raid at the time so I left whit my warlock and did play some ToT whit a guild called Elf preservation society.  It did not last long because the guild was not what I have hoped for so I did stop play my warlock once again and got back into pvp whit my priest.

7.Armory link

8.Main spec / off spec
Main : Destruction
Off : Affliction

9.Gear sets main / off
Right now I have only one set of gear even though the stat prio is not so different between the spec’s I choose destroy atm because I don’t get enough haste whit my gear to get enough extra tics whit dots. I want to main affliction and would switch when I get enough haste. 

10.Explain rotation
And here can I copy and paste the spell prio fom icy-veins.com but what is the point in that?
In my opinion destroy warlock is a RNG class that means that we rely on good trinket procs because the key to destroy warlock is to know when to cast chaos bolt to get max damage output and knowing when to use Dark soul.
You want to use chaos bolt when you have some good trinket proc / jade spirit proc. But also Skull banner from a warrior is good burst damage for chaos bolt.Other than that is just to keep embers as high as possible.
The ember fillers is
Rain of fire
Conflag to get backdraft (it reduce mana cost and increases cast speed for incinerate)
Incinerate as filler

11.Previous guild
Elf preservation societyI was only active there for a couple of weeks, the guild was not what I have hoped for so I left and got invite back to noxious as a casual.How did you hear about usI have been in this guild since it started. Not always whit all my characters but I have always left some alts here so I can check up on my old friends.

Vewe – Disc priest  level 90 (pvp)
Moonsterr – Hunter level 89
Carler – paladin level 37
Cuala – Monk level 12
All of them is already in the guild   

13.Anything to add
I know that my gear is not on top at the moment but I think that if you give me some to get some LFR going and flex raids I will be available to fit in the raiding group both socially and dps wise.
And here should I put in some world of logs if I had some that where up to date but sadly I don’t but I can give something else.

Prophetia Nocurna vs Morchok (killed whit 8 man)


And if thas was not enough i have a video that shows Ant AKA Dazhagra's  power
he don’t even need talents.


14.Raid availability
Monday - available
Tuesday – not available
Wendsday  - available
Thursday – not available
Friday – available (prefer not)
Saturday - available
Sunday – not available