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Oct 29 13 5:49 PM

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1. Character Name?
= Bleiddgwyn

2. Tell us a little about yourself (age, nationality, hobbies) be creative.
= 21 years old, romanian. Studeny by day at modern languages, gamer by night.(And sometimes also by day.)

3. Class ?
=  Paladin

4. Total time /played on this character ? 
= 18 days, just got in the game months ago.
    Total time /played at level 90 ?
= 14 days.

5. Where do you live? Time zone?
= +2 GMT, Bucharest, Romania

6. Do you have Teamspeak and a headset with a mic and are able to talk?
= Teamspeak, Mumble, Raidcall, Ventrilo, Skype... you name it!

7. What is your previous raiding experience? (In both this expansion and past expansions)
= 5/12 ToT in 5.3
   4/4 ToeS HC in 5.4
   8/14 Normal / 11/14 Flex in SoO in 5.4( Duhhh!).

8. Please link your Armory Profile and please be logged out in your PVE gear.

9. What is your preferred raiding "Main Spec" and raiding "Off Spec" ?
Main Spec = Retribution
Off Spec =  erm...Retribution since I am barely geared for that

**What spec gear sets do you currently own?
= None, they just will not drop the little buggers.

10. ** Explain your rotation and how you maximize your performance. Please be as descriptive as you can. We will not accept acronym orders. I.E. BS > BS > WTF > FFS (Required)
= Basicaly use Templar's Verdict when at 5 Holy Power or when all Holy Power generating abilities are on cooldown. Idea is to always have Holy Power generating abilities (Crusader Strike, Judgment or Judgement, Exorcism, Hammer of Wrath) always on cooldown to increase Holy Power generation to have more Templar's Verdicts. 
AoE changes in the sense that when there are 4 or more targets I switch to the AoE seal( Forgot the name but it is on the F2 key). Two targets means Templar's Verdict becomes Divine Storm and Crusader Strike becomes Hamme of the Righteousness
.( I hope I spelled that right!) I use the two cooldowns on cooldown(xD). Guardian of Ancient Kings means I do more damage and it does not change my rotation in anyway besides trying it to time with the last tier talent Light's Hammer on AoE or Execution Sentence on single target, which I forgot to mention I also use on cooldown or delay them a bit to match with pots and/or other cooldowns. Avenging Wrath that is always coupled with Sanctified Wrath this patch which means that my rotation becomes HAMMER OF WRATH and FILLER ad infinitum or when it expires. For the filler we use the single target priority  a bit modified to benefit from increased HOLY DAMAGE: Templar's Verdict> Exorcism> Judgment> Crusader Strike.

11. Previous guilds, what positions did you hold, and why you left?
=  In Elegance - Immaturity/ Clueless Raidleader
    Myst             - DPS officer was high on every raid
    The End       - Too hardcore
     HCS            - Too casual

12. How did you hear about us and why are you interested in joining  ?
=  Pandastic told stories from his travels and adventures. He happend to mention this guild.

13. Do you have any alts that you'd like to bring over if so please list the Char name, Class and what Item-level?
=  Erm...not really, not 90 anyway

14. (optional) Anything you would like to add about yourself or in general to support your application ?
=   Raiding is fun. Progressing is fun. Losing your mind over it is NOT. Other than that, I am a very low experienced raider that just started playing. I want to down Garrosh and maybe get into HC. What I lack in skill I try to make up for in perseverance and patience. I always research my class to have an optimal character and also the bosses we are killing. But I have a long way ahead of me. So please MTV pi.. I mean, give me a chance.

Raid Availability Info:
Sunday -> Maybe
Monday -> SURE
Tuesday -> Maybe
Wednesday -> Maybe
Thursday -> SURE
Friday -> SURE
Saturday-> SURE

Disclaimer: Maybe means I will come but I will lose sleep. Oh well, what student sleeps anyway.
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