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Cherrypop - Restoration Shaman Frostmane (Complete!)

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Oct 21 13 11:54 PM

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1. Character Name?

2. Tell us a little about yourself (age, nationality, hobbies) be creative.
23 y.o Russian though living in Italy. Playin' wow since vanilla, doing street workout and working as a software developer.

3. Class ?
Restoration Shaman

4. Total time /played on this character ? 
163 days 11 hours 56 min 

Total time /played at level 90 ?
4 days 23 hours

5. Where do you live? Time zone?I
Italy UTC +16.

6.Do you have Teamspeak and a headset with a mic and are able to talk?
yes been using teamspeak and ventrillo since ever

7. What is your previous raiding experience?
In both this expansion and past expansions)Been raiding since vanilla. Skipped ulduar in lk and something in cataclysm. Skipped everything in Pandaria since i came not too much ago. Got 9/12 Soo achie.

8. Please link your Armory Profile and please be logged out in your PVE gear.

9. What is your preferred raiding "Main Spec" and raiding "Off Spec" ?
Main Spec = Restoration
Off Spec = Elemental

**What spec gear sets do you currently own?

10.** Explain your rotation and how you maximize your performance. Please be as descriptive as you can. We will not accept acronym orders. I.E. BS > BS > WTF > FFS (Required)
Keeping up healing rain in static fights through "Conductivity" since it's a mana-saver and absolutely being casted under the effect of unleash weapon for a 30% healing increase. Spamming Healing Wave on raid members in a static situation in order to get the max health buff always up and since this spell is a slowcast with only 5k mana cost(not loosing any mana while casting only this). Saving the Healing Tide Totem for emergency situations and sometimes using it in combo with Ascendace if mass-heal is needed. Healing Stream totem is a must during routine fights and Mana Tide totem getting it used as soon as i reach around 80% mana and noticing a more intensive healing requirement so i can have the cooldown back around 40-50% mana. Casting healing surge only if a really fast heal is needed on a raid member.Tryin' to cast long-time casted heals in is known that a specific target is going to get a nuke ( ex: Foul Stream Ability on target of Kor'kron Dark Shamans boss and so many others...). Using StoneBulwark Totem mostly on nuke inc or static aoe damage is going on so i can absorb some damage in order to focus on the raid. Switching talents based on fights in order to optimize the output.

11. Previous guilds, what positions did you hold, and why you left?
I have been though different guilds really i don't remember names anymore. Was ranked as officer- raider - councilor and so on... Won't even bother to try remembering ^^

12. How did you hear about us and why are you interested in joining  ?

I had a talk with Maxton while i was logged on my alt. 

13. Do you have any alts that you'd like to bring over if so please list the Char name, Class and what Item-level?
I have a feral druid 510 ilvl but i'm thinking about rerolling it to resto since i don't like too much tanking ( booredom XD ).14. (optional) Anything you would like to add about yourself or in general to support your application ?I'm a pvp bitch :)

Raid Availability Info:
I'm working from 9 am to 6pm from monday to friday. On Tuesday and Wednesday we have party days here so i go socialize those days usualy but if needed i can skip it sometimes. The rest of the week as long as i have things scheduled nothing should be a problem.Sunday -> Monday -> Tuesday ->Wednesday ->Thursday ->Friday ->Saturday->

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#1 [url]

Oct 22 13 1:00 AM

In the guild we will be raiding on Wednesdays and Sundays 8pm-11pm every week. We might also include a third raid day on Tuesdays depending on Progress. We also currently have another healer on trial, so you might be involved in a healing rotation however if you prove yourself then you'll more than likely become a first choice healer. Please whisper an officer in the guild (Dazhagra, Hazdagra, Maxton, Krös) for an invite!

Dazhagra, Guild Leader. 

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