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Appication - Frost Mage (Ranged) - Declined

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Oct 20 13 4:03 PM

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1. Character Name?
= My characters name is Tayen

2. Tell us a little about yourself (age, nationality, hobbies) be creative.
= Hmm, where should i start? My name is Felix, im currently 17 years old wich also means im still in school. I study to become an engineer of some sort. I am born and currently located in Åkersberga, Sweden (could not ask for a better place to live). I usually spend my sparetime on the gym, but i also spend a lot of time with my friends and my computer (games etc.)

3. Class ?
=  I am currently playing a mage, with the mainspec of frost and arcane os. 

4. Total time /played on this character ? 
= The total playtime on my character is 6 days, 20 hours, 49 minutes and 25 seconds! <3 
    Total time /played at level 90 ?
= I have been level 90 for 2 days, 8 hours, 24 minutes and 55 seconds.

5. Where do you live? Time zone?
= I am currently located in Sweden and the time zone here is  UTC+01:00. If i am thinking correct this very moment it should be the same as the gametime.

6. Do you have Teamspeak and a headset with a mic and are able to talk?
= Yes i do. I have a working mic. I am able to talk and i have all kinds of softwares like teamspeak, mumble etc.

7. What is your previous raiding experience? (In both this expansion and past expansions)
=I have not beeen raiding very much in wow at all. Back in the day (Wotlk) i downed Lich King on my Retribution Paladin and this expansion i killed 8/12 bosses in ToT 10man, but that's all. 

8. Please link your Armory Profile and please be logged out in your PVE gear.
= I have decided to not enchant every item yet, since i dont raid and some pieces are very crappy. But if this application is "green" i'd make sure everything is gemmed and enchanted. 

9. What is your preferred raiding "Main Spec" and raiding "Off Spec" ?
Main Spec =Frost
Off Spec = Arcane

**What spec gear sets do you currently own?
=Frost only :(

10. ** Explain your rotation and how you maximize your performance. Please be as descriptive as you can. We will not accept acronym orders. I.E. BS > BS > WTF > FFS (Required)
=Hmm, i do not really use a rotation... Instead i use a priority list which i can tell you more about. 
1.Always have your living bomb applied and running and only refresh it if it runs out or if your trinkets/enchants proc (Living bomb grants me damage from the dot but also grants me Brain Freeze procs that lets me cast a Frostfirebolt instant.
2.When that's set i always want to cast my Frozen Orb on cooldown unless i need it for the upcoming AOE phase (frozen orb grants me fingers of frost procs).
3.Next is my pet freeze that needs to be cast on adds if there are any since all the bosses are immune to it. (The freeze grants me 2 fingers of frost procs if it hits 2 targets)
4.The next on my priority list is Forstfire Bolt and it should be cast as soon as Brain Freeze procs. 
5.After that you cast Ice lances with Fingers of Frost procs.
6.You use Frostbolt as your filler between procs,cds etc. 

Remember this is a priority list

I do not know if you want my aoe rotation aswell, but ill think i will write it anyways. 
To do aoe damage i dot 2-3 targets (depending on how many mobs it is) and then i use my pet freezes, Frozen orbs to get spread damage and i'll shoot off all my procs to get as much damage as possible.

11. Previous guilds, what positions did you hold, and why you left?
= Since i have not been raiding much i have not been involved in any Pve guilds. I did pugs but i joined some PvP guilds i can tell you about. The reason i have not been raiding much is because I did PvP instead. I joined a guild called "Cunning Stunts" and we reached 1900 rating in rbgs (I played a Holy paladin). In our group there were people that were 2,5k experienced and at one point we played with a guy from the server Outland. He had 2,9k experience and at one point he was one of the best holy paladins in Europe. I left them because the community became unfriendly... Everybody started arguing and all our top players left. After that I left too. 

12. How did you hear about us and why are you interested in joining  ?
= I saw someone in trade chat saying that you were looking for 2 dps, 1 melee and 1 ranged.

13. Do you have any alts that you'd like to bring over if so please list the Char name, Class and what Item-level?
= Yes sure but they are not very geared. I have an Tank paladin named Auríon. I have a resto druid called Erían. I have an Elemental shaman named Owlies and I have an Shadow Preist called Bajsbruttan (all level 90)

14. (optional) Anything you would like to add about yourself or in general to support your application ?
=  I am a very social person, I am online daily and I hope I can fill up some of the holes that needs to be filled :):). Also I mentioned that i was in school. I want to make sure you know it is not going to be a problem with the raiding, ill make sure my homework wont collide with it since i am pretty good at planning. 

Raid Availability Info:
Sunday -> Great for me!
Monday -> Great for me! 
Tuesday -> Great for me!
Wednesday -> Works Fine! ( works til 18:00 gametime and might be home 18:30)
Thursday -> Great for me!
Friday -> Great for me! 
Saturday-> Great for me! 

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#1 [url]

Oct 21 13 2:39 PM

I'm sorry but at this current moment in time we will be unable to offer you a raiding position in the guild due to your poor gear etc... Thank you for your applications.

Dazhagra, Guild Leader. 

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