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Oct 19 13 9:24 PM

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1. Character Name?
 = Slíck

2. Tell us a little about yourself (age, nationality, hobbies) be creative.
= Im 22 year dude from Finland. I have a kid whos 1 years old. I like MMA and hockey. Watch ALOT of movies and tv shows.

3. Class ?
= I play a huntard. Survival mostly offspecced as MM

4. Total time /played on this character ? 
= 3 day 7 hours.
    Total time /played at level 90 ?
= 20 hours in 3 days but i have mained a hunter back in vanilla, tbc and wotlk for all its woth.

5. Where do you live? Time zone?
= Finland so my time is +1 hour to the game time.

6. Do you have Teamspeak and a headset with a mic and are able to talk?
= Yes 

7. What is your previous raiding experience? (In both this expansion and past expansions)
= Raided alot in vanilla and a bit in tbc and wrath.

8. Please link your Armory Profile and please be logged out in your PVE gear.

9. What is your preferred raiding "Main Spec" and raiding "Off Spec" ?
Main Spec = Survival
Off Spec = MM

**What spec gear sets do you currently own?

10. ** Explain your rotation and how you maximize your performance. Please be as descriptive as you can. We will not accept acronym orders. I.E. BS > BS > WTF > FFS (Required)
= On a boss i start with Hunters mark (before the fight begins) then serpent sting then explosive shot ( Spam this when ever its out of cooldown) Black arrow (for the lock and load) Glaive Toss and Dire Beast (both spammed when out of cooldown, then some arcane shots if my lock and load doesnt proc and i have my explosive on cooldown (also depending on my focus at the time) then cobra shots for focus and the serpent sting refres. 

11. Previous guilds, what positions did you hold, and why you left?
=  Was in a real rading guild in vanilla only as a member .

12. How did you hear about us and why are you interested in joining  ?
= In timless isles general chat. Im intrested in joining cause id love to play pve with a good group. What i mean by that is a group that has fun but tries to progress at the same time. And the fact that your just starting cause i want to be a part of the progress and not just join in a guild who farm SoO ect.

13. Do you have any alts that you'd like to bring over if so please list the Char name, Class and what Item-level?
=  No real alt atm. Dk and a Druid lvl 90.

14. (optional) Anything you would like to add about yourself or in general to support your application ?
=  I know my item lvl is not up to i yet but i will get it there within a week (max). Im a hard worker. I listen and do as im told but also use my own head. Joke around alot (very poorly tho) So thats it i guess. I place my fate in your hands. Thank you. 

Raid Availability Info: ?? meaning however long im needed.
Sunday -> 19.00-??
Monday ->19.00-??
Tuesday -> 19.00-??
Wednesday -> 19.00-??
Thursday -> 19.00-??
Friday -> 19.00-??
Saturday-> 19.00-??

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#1 [url]

Oct 20 13 3:07 AM

Hello Slíck, Thank you ever so much for applying! Currently I do not believe I would be able to offer you a raiding position in the guild mainly because of your lack of gear, however I'd be more than happy to offer you a member position for now. As you've taken the time to fill in the application and appear to have a positive interest in the guild, I for one would be more than happy to help gear you up in both raid finder and flex raids. We as a guild are currently looking to progress into the "10 man raiding scene" and with your current gear I do not believe that will be achievable, however once geared, and if you can prove to us you're a good player with the kind of attitude we're looking for, maybe we'll be able to give you a raiding trial. This may not be the answer you were hoping to hear, but please consider my offer because we'll be happy to give you all the time you need to become a fully geared raider.

Thank you for your time.

Dazhagra, Guild Leader.

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